Student's Voices

Everyday Course



Before coming to Japan, I knew almost literally no Japanese. Starting from the beginning at Sendagaya was a good choice. Right from the onset, the teachers were extremely helpful. The lessons were fun and interesting. As the school year progressed, we moved to on to more difficult areas, such as honorific language and difficult grammar forms, but the teachers still managed to make it fun and easy to understand. I would recommend Sendagaya Japanese Institute for anyone who is interested in studying Japanese earnestly.

Jasper Hirose (USA)

Jasper Hirose

If you are trying to find the best possible place to study Japanese in Tokyo, look no further. SJI is an exceptional place to learn, whether you want a fun experience, or a no-nonsense, effective course. The teachers are all competent, engaging, and kind. Not only that, you are sure to meet lots of interesting and friendly people from all over the world, who all want to explore and have fun! It is a great way to see places in Japan you would never have thought of yourself. Trust me, you can’t go wrong.

Ms. SHEN, Yu-Chin (Taiwan)

SHEN, Yu-Chin

It was only 3months and seemed so short, but it was such a fulfilling and enjoyable course. Although I had been feeling quite worried before coming to Japan, the teachers were so well-prepared and thoughtful that all the worries were just swept away. Through the practical lessons, I was able to understand the 5-phase verb changes and other grammars easily, which had been difficult to understand before. Even though the lessons were conducted all in Japanese, I did not feel uneasy or uncomfortable at all! If I ever have a chance to study Japanese in Japan, I will definitely choose Sendagaya Japanese Institute!!(All the teachers are so charming! I will miss them so much!)

Mr. WONG KA KIN(HongKong)


I am very proud of myself for having studied at Sendagaya Japanese Institute. Although it was such a short-time, only 2 months and a half, I had unforgettable and precious experience here. Before joining the course, I did not understand a word of Japanese. Some students had already known some Japanese or were very fast learners, and some did not know any Japanese at all. Since I was not very fast to learn, I sometimes thought I would give up, but the teachers encouraged me to review the basic grammar and vocabulary many times, and I was able to catch up with my classmates. And another great thing is that you would have classmates from all over the world. I was able to talk to such interesting people and have such unforgettable precious experience. I have learned many new things and felt the teachers’ kindness and thoughtfulness. My Japanese has improved a lot as well. I would strongly like to recommend Sendagaya Japanese Institute to anyone who studies Japanese.


We chose Sendagaya Japanese Institute because a friend recommended to us. It's been a great experience to improve our Japanese, thanks to the interesting and stimulating lessons. Teachers have a great method of teaching; lessons are clear and entertaining, and that helps us to enjoy them. We recommend SJI to everyone who wants to learn Japanese.

JULIEN DERLY from France

Taking a Japanese course at SJI was really great experience. My language level has definitely improved thanks to the variety of lessons. The classes are not only enjoyable but also held by experienced, quality teachers who are always attentive and choose the best approaches to ensure continuous improvement. Also, the friendly staff contributes to create a cheerful ambiance. You can exchange with students from Japan and all over the world. SJI is definitely the right place to learn Japanese in Tokyo and I would heartily recommend it!


I initially chose SJI because a friend recommended to me. However, I couldn’t have expected how nice and warm the staff and the teachers are. Thanks to the enjoyable lessons, I feel my Japanese skills, both writing and conversational, have improved. Moreover, in SJI I enjoy a nice international atmosphere and I have made friends from all around the world. I would gladly recommend SJI.


I love studying Japanese at SJI because all the teachers are very professional. They have good teaching techniques to make the classes more interesting and the lessons are explained very clearly. The staff members here are very helpful and willing to give us some advice about living in Japan. Also, one of the reasons why I chose SJI is that classmates are from various countries.


The idea of studying in Tokyo using only Japanese was scary at first, but once the course has started I felt immediately at ease. I found that the lesson was entertaining, well structured and fun. I’d like to thank to good teachers for creating a very friendly atmosphere in the class. Through the Everyday Course I felt significant improvements and gained confidence in my Japanese. Studying at SJI is a choice I will not regret and I can truly recommend this school to everyone.

Francesc Arquer-Prats Spain

SJI was recommended to me by a friend and I am really glad to have followed her advice because all my communicative skills in Japanese have substantially increased. The materials were diverse, useful and fun, but what I value most of all are the teachers. The different backgrounds of all the rest of students were also greatly enriching. I would recommend this school to everyone.

Summer Course

Andrew Espiritu USA Summer Course 2008

With my 7 weeks in Tokyo, I was able to greatly immerse myself in the Japanese culture almost everyday with a convenient location, comprehensible teachers, and friendly students from all over the world. Not only did I learn great Japanese grammar but I was also able to discover new things about myself to make this a memorable experience. I would highly recommend Sendagaya to anyone wishing to improve your Japanese and to explore what Tokyo has to offer.
千駄ヶ谷の学生で、本当に嬉しかったです。 ありがとうございます。

Michi Maria Sawanoi Finland Summer Course 2008

This experience was very interesting and stimulating. Teachers were very well trained and friendly. They made the lessons pleasant. The lessons’ timetable gives you also the time to introduce yourself into the exciting and funny life of Tokyo. Thank you!

Nesibe Kaya Turkey Summer Course 2008

S.J.Iの学校で3週間日本語を勉強しました。S.J.Iの学校で日本語を勉強するのはとても楽しかったです。先生達はやさしくてとても上手です。S.J.I学校は日本語を勉強したい学生のために一番いい学校だと思います。 S.J.I.学校は私にとって忘れ難い経験でした。ここで、色々な国から来た友達と出会うことができました。そして日本の生活を経験することができました。とてもすばらしかったです。ぜひ来て下さい。

KWAN YUET & LAW HOI YIN 香港 Summer Course 2008

この3週間で、いろいろな人々に出会いました。本当に楽しかったです。 先生達の授業はちょっと早かったけど、おもしろい授業でした。 この旅は大切な思い出になりました

Nathan Roberson, U.S.A Summer Course 2008

You can learn a lot during a 7-week stay in Japan. I started the course with very basic conversation skills, and those skills grew thanks to daily studies and conversation at S.J.I.

Konstantinos Repapis  Greece Summer Course 2008

SJI’s course has been a memorable experience in many ways. It was an introduction into the Japanese Language and the Japanese ways that has been invaluable in getting a first understanding of the unique Japanese mind. Further more one appreciates the cosmopolite atmosphere of SJI’s courses as it has students from around world. Finally its central location is a convenient point from which to organize after-class forays into Tokyo’s many sights.