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Sendagaya Japanese School was the language school established in Sendagaya, Tokyo in 1975. There are many correspondence courses for business, university entrance, private, and a short-term, etc. The training course for teaching Japanese is also prepared.

Japanese Language School

If you want to study Japanese language in Tokyo, Sendagaya Japanese School is the right language school to study! Our lessons can get you well on your way to learning how to speak, read, and write Japanese language.

University Preparatory Course

This is a program recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan, for those who wish to acquire necessary skills for entry into Japanese Universities, Graduate school and vocational institutes.

Comprehensive Courses

These are courses for those who wish to acquire listening, speaking, reading, writing skills for business and social purposes in general.
General Japanese Course, Business Japanese Course

Special Courses

These are courses conducted over a limited period for a specific objective.
Summer Course, STBJ Prep. Course

Private Lessons / Group Lessons

Contents and schedule are customized to individual needs.

On Location Instruction

Contents are tailored and schedule are customized for the work place or residence.

Sendagaya Japanese Institute, Attached Japanese School
Graduate School Course

This is a program for those who wish to acquire the necessary skills for entering into a graduate school in Japan. Not only Japanese language skills for the graduate school entrance exams but also training on necessary Japanese language skills to get used to the classes and life in a graduate school will also be provided. Moreover, teachers will offer advice and support to students on skills and knowledge for applying a graduate school.