Our Teaching Philosophy

We started our journey in 1975 holding the following goals:


  1. Provide, while using Japanese easy to understand, an environment where people from all nations can enjoy learning Japanese in a productive manner while sharing experiences with each other.
  2. Develop skills needed to support mutual understanding in an increasingly diverse international society.
  3. Support international communication and development of friendly relations through the education of the Japanese language.


Holding these ideals, students from around the world have gathered at Sendagaya Japanese College and graduated after gaining proficiency in the Japanese language.


Language is not just a tool, but also a manifestation of a country’s culture, society, and its people’s way of thinking. Therefore studying a foreign language is a very important way of understanding other cultures. Thus, we believe that making the learning process easy is an important point in promoting international understanding.

We here at Sendagaya Japanese College have studied how to effectively teach Japanese as a second language and in doing so, developed new methods of teaching and textbooks. All because we truly believe that teaching the Japanese language will promote international relations.


We, all the staff of Sendagaya, truly wish that we can help you as your partners so that you can learn Japanese in a fun way.

Sendagaya Japanese Institute Group

Sendagaya Japanese College