Warm and sincere support ~We want to be a bridge between Japan and the world.~

Well-rounded services

We take care about each student’s needs, and provide support from when students enter Japan until graduation.

Based on our international experiences, we support you in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Korean, Indonesian, Russian and Swedish.

Available languages

  • English
  • Chinese
    (Simplified & Traditional)
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Indonesian
  • Arabic
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Swedish


We will pick up those who will enter our school at Narita airport, and will take you to the dormitory. Then, we will bring students to the ward office for the resident registration and National Health Insurance registration.

  • Arrival
  • Arrival
  • Arrival

Support on Daily Life

We have 24-hour supporting system in case of emergency.

  • Support on Daily Life
  • Support on Daily Life

Management on Attendance Rate

We use attendance tracking system in classrooms to manage students’ attendance rate.Our staff will call those who are late or absent. For those who are absent continuously, meetings or home visits will be arranged in order to improve the situation.

Information on individual student’s attendance, learning progress, performance in class will be shared among teachers, and if necessary, we will contact their parents and the study abroad agents.

We provide well-rounded services while putting students’ safety as the first priority.

  • Management on Attendance Rate
  • Management on Attendance Rate

School Life