Advanced Methods


Electronic Teaching Materials developed here at Sendagaya.


A “Web Workbook” is included in the original teaching materials used in the beginner level.

Students can use their computers, tablets or smart phones to review class material from any location.


Efficient Classes Using Tablets and Projectors


In our school, all classrooms are fitted each with a projector.

Using the projector, students can learn while looking at pictures or videos and use PowerPoint for speeches and presentations. Also, we also have classes where we watch documentaries and host discussions about them.


Sendagaya LMS (Learning Management System)


At our school, we use a Learning Management System called the “Sendagaya LMS.”

Using this system, students can do things like use the online workbooks, check for messages from the school, or even receive assignments from ones’ teacher. Also, students can apply for college entrance information events and submit their class preferences. Moreover, in the LMS Higher Level Education Advancement Corner, students can check for information about universities information events, application details, or a designated school’s recommended information.


Attendance Management System


At our school, we use an attendance management system to keep track of attendance.

Students can check their attendance record from a designated terminal.

Teachers and staff can check students’ attendance records instantaneously.

Teachers and staff regularly check students’ attendance records and contact students whose attendance is poor.