Intermediate level

Lower-Intermediate – Intermediate

Learning the Necessary Vocabulary for Graduate and University Entrance Exams

From the lower-intermediate level above, you will follow a balanced curriculum aimed to enhance reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.


  • Reading


    You will be able to read articles of social or abstract nature.

  • Listening


    You will be able to listen and understand topics picked up in the news or newspapers.

  • Writing


    You will be able to write your opinion of 400 to 500 letters about topics addressed in class.

  • Conversation


    You will be able to state your opinion in a given amount of time about topics addressed in class.

  • Grammar


    You will be able to write short essays and use proper expressions used in presentations.
    You will acquire the skills necessary to pass the JLPT N3 and N2 tests.

  • Kanji and Vocabulary


    You will learn vocabulary necessary in everything from everyday life, education, society, to words necessary for entering higher level education. You also learn knowledge necessary to properly use said words.

From this level, you can choose elective classes to take along with General Japanese Classes.

Elective course ranges from Graduate Preparatory, University Preparatory, and JLPT Preparatory classes. You can pick an elective class that fits your goals.

Class Schedule (Intermediate level)

1 Reading Grammar Grammar Speaking Listening
3 Writing Kanji – Vocabulary