All students learn Japanese from both
“General Japanese Classes” and “Objective Based Elective Classes”

“General Japanese Classes”- Designed to enhance fluency of the Japanese language.

Your curriculum is matched exactly to your level!

  • Classes are separated into 9 levels
  • Even in the same level, we organize classes based on your speed of learning and knowledge of the Japanese language.

In class, we aim to increase your knowledge and Japanese fluency!

  • When we learn new words and phrases in class, we place emphasis on making the students actually use the new words and phrases.

Instant control of your understanding!

  • In every lesson we have short tests to check how well everyone is understanding the class material.
  • We check your speaking and writing on a regular basis.

Comprehensive Learning Support!

  • For every class, there is one home room teacher who has individual meetings with the students on a regular basis When you have a meeting with your home room teacher, you can discuss things like your study plan or plans for advancing to a higher-level school.
  • We regularly review your level based on test results, so you can study in a class that suits your level. (Students who show aptitude and even go as far as to study new topics without being taught directly can study in the fast class. Students who wish to approach their studies in a more relaxed way can study in the low-paced class.)

An Overview of the Course Structure

In 2 years you will raise your Japanese level from beginner to advanced.


<For example, if you entered in April in the beginner level:>

Year 1st (year) 2nd (year)
Month 4~6 7~9 10~12 1~3 4~6 7~9 10~3
General Japanese Class
Objective Based Elective Classes
Japanese Level Indicator N5 N4 N3 N2 N1 Above N1

From Lower-Intermediate and above you can take Objective Based Elective Classes