Academic counseling


Careful Instruction on Students’ Advancement to Higher Education

Your class homeroom teacher gives individual advising about advancement to each and every student.

We are more than willing to help with providing school information, organizing your application, or helping your practice for your interview.


Advancement Record Database

From graduated students we compiled our own data/Advancement Information database, with features like “EJU Exam Result Score Standard” or “Interview Questions” for you to review.


Advancement Information Sessions Held for Current Sendagaya Students

  1. Members from affiliated universities come and host information sessions at our school. You can access to entrance exam information and advice by joining these.

    【Event History】
    (For universities)
    Waseda University, Keio University, Meiji University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Chuo University, Hosei University, Showa Women’s University, Tama Art University, and other universities
    (For Graduate Schools)
    Waseda University Graduate School, Saitama University Graduate School, Doshisha University Graduate School, Musashino Art University Graduate School, Hosei University Graduate School (MBA Program), and other graduate schools.

  2. Our school’s teachers, experienced in advancement advising, hold 2 conferences every year where you can learn about advancing to higher education.
    Also, previous students come to speak about their experience with the exams and university life.


Over 70 Schools Available for Designated Recommendation Entry

There are over 70 universities and vocational schools available for designated recommendation entry.

Students may apply through designated recommendation entry if they meet the requirements set by the universities and the school.

Compared with the general application, students applying through designated recommendation entry may be exempt from the written test or get a reduction or exemption of the application fee. If there are too many applicants, screenings at school will be held to decide the final candidates.

There is an increasing number of universities and vocational schools available for designated recommendation entry.


【History of Past Student’s Entries (2021)】


Hosei University, Toyo University, Teikyo University, Teikyo Heisei University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Gakushuin Women's College, Showa Women's University, Nishogakusha University, Musashino University, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Asia University, Takushoku University, Shumei University, Yokohama College of Commerce, Tokyo University of Information Sciences, Meikai University, Bunka gakuen University, Ryutsu Keizai University, Bunri University of Hospitality, Yamanashi Eiwa College, Japan Institute of the Moving Image, Others

(Vocational Schools)

Tokyo Designer Gakuin College, Tokyo Visual Arts, Tokyo Cool Japan College, Tokyo School of Business, Tokyo Institute of Tourism, Tokyo Automobile University School, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Nippon Engineering College, Japan Electronics College, Toho Gakuen Media Training College, Tokyo Design Academy, Tokyo Mode Gakuen, Kyoto Culinary Art College, Akahori College of Confectionary, Tokyo Business Language College, The Japan Hotel School, Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, Tokyo Belle Epoque College of Confectionery and Culinary, Tokyo Technical College, Yomiuri College Of Car Mechanic, Hattori Nutrition College, Tokyo Animation College, Others


Bridge Programs with Japanese Universities

You can take classes in the universities which have a partnership with Sendagaya while you study here.

The credits you obtained can be recognized as the credits of the university you enter.


Partner Universities: Hosei University, Showa Women’s University, Bunka Gakuen University


【Signing Ceremony with Hosei University】

Hosei University and Sendagaya Japanese Institute Group signed an agreement on the Bridge Program

Efforts of the Top Global University Project(SGU)


If you participate in the Bridge Program, you can……

  • experience Japanese university life and classes.
  • have full access to the university’s facilities.
  • Quickly get used to Japanese university life.
  • Have a chance of intellectual exchange with Japanese students.
  • Tee Xin Yee

    Tee Xin Yee


    Participated in the Bridge Program then entered that university by designated recommendation entry

    • October 2015, Studied business communication at Showa Women’s University
    • April 2016, Entered Faculty of Global Business,  Showa Women’s University by designated recommendation entry


    I participated in the Bridge Program, studied business communication for half a year. This was my first time to attend class with Japanese students and I could interact closely with the local students and get a taste of university life. Through talking with the professors, I got precious advice on higher-level education advancement. Social gatherings were held very often at the university, where foreign students and Japanese students could get to know each other.

  • Bさん


    Nationality: Thai

    Studied Business Management through the Bridge Program and changed majors after entering graduate school

    • Studied Information Engineering at home country
    • April 2016, Studied ‘Psychology’ at Showa Women’s University
    • October 2016, Studied ‘Business Management’ at Hosei University
    • April 2017, Entered Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University


    I have been wanting to study MBA at graduate level for a long time. However, as my university major was computer engineering, I had no knowledge about business administration. In order to increase my business knowledge, I participated in the Bridge Program. I could not only learn the technical terms of business administration, but also about university life in Japan, and I got the chance to get in touch with Japanese people other than my Japanese teachers. Now I have the confidence to study at graduate school.

Advancement to Higher-Level Education