University Entrance Preparatory Class

In the University Entrance Preparatory Class, we have the EJU Japanese Language, EJU Basic Subjects (Math 1, Math 2, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Japan and the World), EJU Writing, and University Final Exam (Past Problems, Short Essay, English Exam) preparatory subjects where we nurture the skills necessary to enter your school of choice.

EJU Japanese

We assign classes based on your level of Japanese and whether or not you are from Kanji-using areas.

In class, we go over questions from past EJU exams and learn the exams patterns and way to solve problems.

EJU Writing Preparatory Class

We teach you how to address the problem’s topics by using evidence and an effective writing style to state your opinion.

EJU Basic Subjects

In preparation for the EJU and University’s original tests, we have math, physics, chemistry, biology, Japan and the World.

Students can pick subjects in accordance to their major.

University Final Exam Preparation

As preparation for your university’s final exam, we use past problems by all universities to study patterns and learn how to solve these problems. For the short essay preparatory class, we practice writing logically expressing our opinions about problems in today’s news.

For the English exam, we prepare by studying the structure of sentences and practicing translation to Japanese.

Practice Exams

We conduct practice exam, modeled after the original, for the EJU several times throughout the year.

Also, we analyze the results to give you feedback about your weaknesses in class.

Example of a Week Schedule: Science – Intermediate Level Student

1 General Japanese General Japanese General Japanese General Japanese General Japanese
2 General Japanese General Japanese General Japanese General Japanese General Japanese
3 General Japanese Listening Training Listening Training Reading Training Kanji/Vocabulary
4 General Japanese Reading Training Current Events Reading Training Listening Training
5 English Physics Math 2 Chemistry

Advancement to Higher-Level Education